The fabulous bridal shower of Mrs. Bayz

The fabulous bridal shower of Mrs. Bayz

A bridal shower is a cherished pre-wedding tradition that celebrates the bride-to-be and her imminent journey into marriage. It is a joyous occasion where close friends and family gather to shower the bride with love, well wishes, and thoughtful gifts.

This intimate gathering offers a chance to create lasting memories while honoring the bride's unique personality and dreams. In this article, we will share with you how Lebanese-American actress, dancer, host and content creator Diana Zeineddine celebrated her bridal shower.


Diana chose a mysterious theme for the bridal shower. This theme was incorporated into every aspect of the shower, so masks were on every plate, on the dessert cart, on the cake, and on the food table and mocktail station. In addition, all the details of the event were in the appropriate color scheme. These were blush, white and silver colors.

The bride was obsessed with how the table was set. She added hints of lavender to the flowers and taper candles for pops of color. There were also fans at each seat for a comfortable celebration since it was outside. As for the location, it was perfect, it was in Diana's backyard and it was high in the mountains overlooking Orange County.

As for the details, the chairs with clear caviar for seating went really well with the rest of the decor and the bride decorated her wedding chair with a tutu of tulle. In addition, sharing boards included props, risers, flowers and cups that perfectly matched the theme of the bridal shower. The food was delicious because the guests came back again and again for a new portion.


As for the drinks, Moonlight mocktails customized the biggest drink menu according to the theme. Diana chose the 'Mystery Mocktail' which consisted of the best selling drink Mango Tajin, 'Forever Bayz' for the Pina Colada mocktail and 'Mint To Be' for the Strawberry Mojito mocktail.

Diana added many personalized touches that made her bridal shower truly special. On the background of the festive arch was a personalization with the inscription - Mystery Bay to Mrs. Bayz. In addition, the inscription "Love is sweet" on the dessert cart and a mask on top of the cake. Also added mini-masks and «Miss to Mrs» toppers on the cupcakes and heart shaped donuts.

Personalized champagne glasses and a cake cutting set perfectly matched the color scheme of the celebration. The bride chose the bestseller Blossom in white colour. The champagne glasses and cake set were engraved with Mr. and Mrs. Bayz and the couple's wedding date.


Diana literally won our hearts with what a wonderful bridal shower celebration she organised. We are happy that Elena Honch became a part of another bridal shower celebration. We can't wait for the couple's big day when they officially become the Bayz family.

Bridal shower team:
Decor: @‌shareableboards
Floral & Event rental: @‌landaverrys_in_bloom
Cake: @‌bomb_diggity_cakes
Photographer: @‌ralphjamin
Mocktails bar: @‌moonlight_mocktails

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