What materials do we use to make personalized sets?

What materials do we use to make personalized sets?

When it comes to making personalized crystal glasses and cake cutting sets, our brand takes great care in selecting the materials used in order to ensure that our products are not only visually appealing, but also durable and safe for long-term use.

The first step in our material selection process is to carefully evaluate the quality and safety of the materials available.

We prioritize using high-quality materials that are food-grade and meet all relevant safety standards. This includes materials that are free from harmful chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals, ensuring that our champagne flutes, cake server set and plates are safe to use for serving food to our customers and their loved ones.

In addition to safety, we also consider the durability and longevity of the materials used.
We understand that custom personalized set are often used for special occasions and may be subjected to frequent use and handling. Therefore, we carefully select materials that are sturdy, resistant to chipping, and able to withstand the rigors. This ensures that our personalized glasses and cake knife set will last for many holiday seasons, providing our customers with value and enjoyment for years to come.

Another important factor we consider in our material selection process is sustainability. We are committed to being environmentally responsible and strive to minimize our brand's impact on the environment. Therefore, we carefully select materials, which we use in our work and minimize the leaving of residues.

We use crystal champagne flutes, mirrored metal cake sets, porcelain plates, non-toxic acrylic paint, latest generation adhesive and rhinestones to make custom sets. As for the crystal rhinestones, they have twice as many facets and are specially back-sprayed for extra shine. In addition, they do not fade and will still sparkle in 20 years.

Furthermore, our brand also pays careful attention to the aesthetics and design of our glasses and cake set. We understand that our customers not only want functional and safe sets but also ones that are visually appealing and complement their holiday table setting.

We select materials that allow us to achieve a wide range of designs, patterns, and colors, ensuring that our personalized flutes and cake server set are not only functional but also stylish and eye-catching.

In conclusion, our brand is dedicated to making custom sets that are not only visually appealing but also safe, durable, and sustainable. Through a meticulous material selection process, we ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards and are made with materials that are safe for food use, durable for long-term use, environmentally responsible, and aesthetically pleasing.

We take pride in offering our customers personalized flutes and sets for cake that are not only beautiful, but also reflect our commitment to excellence and sustainability.


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