The way to make ONE personalized set

The way to make ONE personalized set

Crafting a custom set for a special event is a process that requires both technical knowledge, patience, attention to detail, artistic creativity and dedication to the process. Using the wedding personalized glasses and cake cutting set for athlete Tony Jones and his bride Rebecca Rainey as an example, we want to share with you all the processes the set goes through before the couple receives it for the big day.

The journey begins with acquainting oneself with the invoice to understand which set the couple has chosen. Tony and Rebecca chose the Ruta Ivory set, which perfectly complemented the theme of their wedding day.

The first step in the process of working on the wedding set was creating a layout for engraving. To personalize the glasses and cake set, the couple chose a classic option with "Mr. and Mrs. Jones" and the wedding date. As for the font, the pair chose from seven design options.


After the personalization was complete, the set was handed over to the craftswoman who specializes in painting. The craftswoman carefully took an untouched glass in her skilled hands, feeling its smooth surface and admiring its elegant form. Her eyes sparkled with creativity as she imagined transforming the glass into a work of art.

Using a brush, she dipped it into the paint and delicately applied it to the glass surface with precise strokes. Her brush danced gracefully over the glass, coloring the stem and bowl of the glasses. As the paint dried, she added new layers, meticulously creating a perfectly even coverage.

The painting process takes up to an hour, as the master applies about 9-14 layers of paint to achieve the desired result of a flawless finish. In addition, one of the secrets to achieving a perfect coating is that each color of paint is mixed individually by combining several colors or shades in different proportions.

Once the flutes and cake cutting set have completely dried after painting, they move on to the next stage of the process - decoration. This is where the real magic begins, and it's hard to take your eyes off of this process even for a second.

Every time, and like the first time, the craftswoman approaches her workstation with excitement and a sense of beauty, ready to bring to life and make festive sets with rhinestones shine. She carefully laid out her materials, including various rhinestones of different shapes, sizes, and colors, as well as adhesive and a needle.

First, she inspected the champagne glasses to determine the best spots for rhinestone placement. She envisioned the design in her mind and sketched a rough outline on the sets to serve as a guide. With a steady hand, she dipped her brush into the adhesive and carefully applied it to the chosen areas of the sets, one section at a time.

Using the needle, she delicately picked up a rhinestone, taking care to select the perfect one for each spot. She placed the rhinestone onto the adhesive, gently pressing it down to ensure it adhered securely. The rhinestone caught the light, shimmering and reflecting rainbow hues, instantly adding a touch of glamour to the holiday set.

The craftswoman repeated this process, meticulously placing rhinestones one by one, following her design and ensuring they were evenly spaced and aligned. She used different colors and sizes of rhinestones to create a captivating pattern, playing with contrasts and complementary shades to achieve a stunning visual effect.

With patience and skill, the craftswoman continued to work diligently for 4-8 hours until the entire wedding set was transformed into a masterpiece of sparkling beauty. She stepped back to admire her work, pleased with the results. The rhinestones added a touch of opulence and luxury to the festive sets, making them truly eye-catching and perfect for any special occasion.

Finally, she let the adhesive dry thoroughly to ensure that the rhinestones were securely attached. She inspected her work, making any necessary adjustments, and then cleaned her tools and workbench, ready to showcase her stunning creations.

The craftswoman's attention to detail, artistic vision, and skilled craftsmanship had turned the ordinary festive sets into exquisite works of art. Her skillful use of rhinestones had brought a touch of glamour, elegance, and festivity to each set, making them truly shine and adding a touch of magic to any celebration.

We are grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Jones for entrusting our brand with personalized flutes and cake server set for their wedding. The couple's wedding day - March 22 will forever remain in the hearts of the brand team Elena Honch.

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