Care & Storage

Care & Storage

Personalized sets are often used in special occasions and events. Whether it's for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or quinceanera, these items are usually cherished and can hold a sentimental value for the owners.

To keep them in top condition and ensure they last for years to come, it is important to take good care of them. We recommend that you follow the following rules of care and storage.

How to care for the set?
The first step in caring for personalized champagne glasses and cake set is to clean them properly. When cleaning these items, it is important to use the right techniques to avoid damaging the personalized design. Here are a few rules to follow:

1. Personalized set are best washed by hand. This is because the high temperature and abrasive detergents in the dishwasher can damage the rhinestones and laser engraving. We recommend not to wash the personalized set in the dishwasher.

2. When washing sets, use a soft cloth or sponge so as not to scratch crystal rhinestones and personalized engraving. We don’t recommend rubbing the set very hard when washing.

3. Use a mild detergent when washing a personalized set. We recommend avoiding the use of abrasive or acidic cleaners that can damage rhinestones and laser engraving.

4. After washing the set, immediately dry them with a soft cloth. This helps to prevent the formation of water stains according to an individual design. We recommend not to leave the set to dry after washing naturally.

How to storage a personalized set?
Proper storage is also important in caring for champagne glasses and cake set. Here are a few rules to follow:

1. Store the personalized set in the gift box you received your order in to prevent them from rubbing against each other and getting scratched.
2. Avoid stacking personalized tableware as this can lead to scratches and chips.
3. Store set in a dry place to avoid moisture and humidity, which can cause damage to the personalized design.