Personalized laser engraving

Personalized laser engraving

When it comes to special things, let's be honest, personalized things are always a winner. What can be valued more is something that you or your loved ones will enjoy in your daily life or long after the celebration. Items such as flutes with a monogram or a whole set with a special engraving are those things that look thoughtful, individual and practical to use.

When it comes to the wedding theme, personalized gifts for the newlyweds go a long way in showing your love and respect for them. With personalization, you can convey all that you feel for the two of them. Such a gift will always be a pleasant reminder and will remain timeless.

Our experience of 7 years shows that sets with engraving are always a direct hit to the heart, which gets the wow effect we want from the order. Our team is constantly working on improving this stage and listening to the wishes of our customers.

One of the main advantages of laser engraving is the precision and high quality of surface treatment, which allows you to create detailed and complex drawings that are difficult to do with other methods. Also, this process allows you to adjust the engraving depth, which makes it possible to create various effects on the surfaces of materials.

In addition, laser engraving is a safe and environmentally friendly process, as it does not use chemical solvents or other harmful substances. Also, engraving is what makes a thing truly special and with it will carry its value through the years of its service.

Our engraving department employs three craftsmen who first create layouts for customers. We would like to note that we have a service "get a free layout" before it is applied to the item. Thanks to this service, the client can see how his text will look on the item. We believe that this is really a very important moment in our work.


As for creating a layout, we have a selection of 8 ready-made designs for engraving. Also, every year we add new fonts and thus constantly update our selection to stay on trend.

In addition to creating layouts, our craftsmen work directly with high-tech equipment. Currently, the workshop has three engraving machines for laser engraving.

Before engraving an item, the craftsman carefully checks the item itself and the customer's invoice. Only after the inspection, the master marks the item, sets the engraving coordinates and starts the engraving machine.

Unfortunately, laser engraving cannot be changed or erased after application, because it remains on the object forever. It is because of this important point that we ask customers to carefully review the engraving text they send us, because we do the engraving exactly as the customer writes to us.


The next stage after the engraving is already done is the stage of applying the contrast, which gives the color. Engraving can be gold, silver, rose gold and ivory.



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