Let's dive into the atmosphere of "Yellowjackets" Actress Samantha Hanratty's wedding!

Let's dive into the atmosphere of "Yellowjackets" Actress Samantha Hanratty's wedding!

The couple Samantha and Christian started dating during the Covid. They met on Bumble more than three years ago, desperate for a social connection. The love between them was born literally from the first meeting, during which they decided to go hiking in California. They say that there were no forbidden topics between them, and the conversation was extremely easy.

The actress immediately understood that this meeting was fateful for them. During the hike, Hanratty became thirsty and needed water, which DeAnda still had. Without thinking, he shared his bottle with her, although this was a dangerous step: sharing dishes with a stranger at the height of the pandemic. So she exclaimed "We're stuck together now" and it was completely true. They're stuck together forever.

By the middle of 2021, the man announced his desire to make Samantha his wife. Therefore, for the next several months, the girl lived in constant anticipation of the offer. But it was almost November, and Hanratty still hadn't received her dream ring. The intentions of the future groom became clear when the assistants of the actress invited her to a photo session near her parents' house. She immediately called Christian and said: "I know you're proposing to me today".

And so it happened. On November 21, 2021, Christian proposed with a gold engagement ring with a pear-shaped diamond to Samantha.


To celebrate the wedding the couple has chosen November 11, 2023, and the venue was Terra Mia Vineyards, hidden in the hills of picturesque California, offered by the groom. At first, Samantha did not understand the choice of venue, but as soon as she saw it, she canceled all other options and booked it 18 months before the ceremony itself.


The bride found her wedding dress quite by accident. While visiting her mother, Hanratty popped into Epiphany Boutique in San Luis Obispo to try on a few looks. But, oh, a miracle! The second dress that the girl tried on was the one she wanted. It featured a large v-neckline, embellished with delicate flowers and Swiss polka dots, and was strapless to accentuate the bride's delicate collarbones.

Emphasizing the rustic charm of the chosen venue, Samantha's image was complemented by a bouquet of white rose buds, green fragrant eucalyptus, and airy baby's breath.

The groom's black suit looked laconic in addition to a black classic shirt, and the boutonniere was made in the style of Hanratty's bouquet.

It is noticeable that the couple chose a combination of white, black, and green colors for the wedding, which were advantageously combined with the vineyards. All the friends of the bride and groom were dressed in luxurious emerald dresses and suits in the same color.

The bride's family played an important role in the wedding. The girl's mother was engaged in organizing the wedding, because she had a lot of experience, thanks to the previous 4 weddings of her daughters. Her father greeted guests with musical compositions he performed with his best friend. The personalized ceremony was officiated by Hanratty's cousin.

The first dance of the DeAnda couple was endowed with great symbolism. As background music, they used a song that Christian had sent to Samantha at the beginning of their relationship. It was "The Nearness of You" by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

Throughout the holiday, guests enjoyed gourmet dishes: oak-grilled salmon, mushroom risotto, and a variety of pastas and salads. Toasts of love were heard everywhere, and the newlyweds raised their personalized champagne glasses from Elena Honch. For the celebration, they chose SET IN BLACK & GOLD SET. "Deanda" was engraved on the flutes, on the cake server — the symbolic phrase for the couple "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved return".

Mr. and Mrs. DeAnda spent the rest of the party alone in the Terra Mia room to enjoy each other and then go on an extraordinary tropical trip to Mo'orea, a tropical island in French Polynesia.

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