My name is Elena Honchariuk, and I was born in an ordinary family in the Chernivtsi region, Ukraine, Europe.
But I saw that only a small number of people follow the path of their heart.When I was a kid, I was very passionate about drawing, but despite my request, I have never studied in
the art school. I have always been into needlework such as knitting, beads and

I went to a Medical University, but it wasn't my conscious decision. While studying, I continued to make hand-made hair clips for myself first, then for my friends, and later I began to have permanent orders.
I did not have enough time for needlework while i was working in the hospital. Every day i was realizing that i wasn't following my path.I did not feel happy
despite the job opportunities as a doctor. The turning point was my pregnancy. I Lost a lot of blood during my labor. As a doctor, I understood that there was only a small chance of survival. I realized that I was not ready to die without doing anything special for this world. Fortunately, I woke up after anesthesia. Now there was no fear and excuses. I finally decided that I should act and go towards my dream.

My husband supported me and we created a family business - an art gallery of designer wedding glasses and accessories Wedding Art Gallery (WAG). First we worked in our apartment, we were just decorating glasses with a bow and prints because there was no money to buy expensive fittings. Later, we began decorating with pearls and crystals. I remember how we made our first glasses with the quality accessories and posted a listing on Etsy platform. On the same day, we received the first order.

Within 3 months we trained people and created our own team of professionals. We created a team of 17 people in 5 years We are making exclusive wedding glasses and handmade ornaments. We own the author's technology and jewelry approach to detail. It is more than business for us. Me and my team continue creating unforgettable memories for your dream wedding.

We concentrate on details that shows your personality. Now our personalized wedding sets became a brand, and I am grateful to share my love and joy through my work.