our history

My name is Elena Honchariuk. I was born in an ordinary family in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Since childhood, I have been fond of drawing and had creative skills. Growing up, I realized that only a small number of people follow their heart's calling.

I entered the medical university, because everyone around me called this decision the right one. But my heart made its way and already during my studies I started to create and sell my first jewelry. Working at the hospital took all my free time, and the realization of myself as a creator took a backseat, and one day I realized that I did not see a happy future, because I was going against my purpose.

The turning point was my pregnancy and unpredictably complicated childbirth, as a result of which I found myself on the verge of life and death. At that moment, I clearly understood - fear and excuses no longer exist. Waking up after anesthesia, as a medic, I realized that a miracle had happened and that I had a chance to do something special for this world.

My husband supported me, and in 2016, the family business for the production of personalized designer glasses and accessories, Wedding Art Gallery (WAG), was born. After posting the listing with photos of the glasses on Etsy, we received our first order from Nicole Hunter the same day.

Each following year was a stage during which we grew and hardened. In 2017, we registered patents for the author's arrangement of crystals in Ukraine and the USA, and in 2019 we moved to a spacious workshop located in the very center of a European city.