The magical wedding of Oritse Williams and Kazz Kumar

The magical wedding of Oritse Williams and Kazz Kumar

In 2019, JLS star Oritsé Williams and singer Kazz Kumar met on social media. The very next year, the couple began to date officially. In October 2021, Oritsé proposed to Kazz to become his wife. Speaking about her love for future hubby, Kazz added: "I knew from our very first date that I wanted to be with Oritsé for the rest of my life. He's so different from everyone else. He's the sweetest man and the kindest soul in the entire world."

The pair told HELLO of the romantic surprise proposal, which happened on the day off between tour dates in Cardiff when Oritsé took Kazz to the beautiful Miskin Manor Hotel for what she thought was Valentine's Day-themed photo shoot with motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson.

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While ceremony details have yet to be released, in December 2021 Oritsé said that the food, music, and "good vibes" of their big day will feature Asian and Afro-Caribbean influences. He also said that JLS will definitely perform.

September 27th, 2022 - Oritsé Williams and Kazz Kumar had the wedding ceremony of their dreams surrounded by their closest friends. The ceremony was full of individual details that made their day special and magical.


The groom was incredibly happy to marry the queen of hearts in his mother's homeland. "I still can't believe it happened. It was perfect," adds bride Kazz of their oceanfront civil ceremony. It was like a movie; I can't explain it any other way. You see these moments in movies that you don't think are real, but we lived them."

The bride wore a champagne gown by Indian designer Rohit Verma and held a dried bouquet of orange, red, and white flowers and a splash of pampas, grass, and berries created by Blu Ivy.

Also, Oritsé and Kazz trusted us to make them personalized flutes for the ceremony. The couple chose a Ruta Blush set, which perfectly complemented the general atmosphere of the special day. Crystal glasses decorated with rhinestones - conveyed all the beauty and luxury of a magical wedding. For personalization, the couple chose a classic option with Mr. and Mrs. Williams and the date of the ceremony.


We were honored to make the flutes for this stunning couple. Saying their first family toast, Oritsé and Kazz raised flutes from Elena Honch, which is so important for our brand!

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Wedding team:
Location: @zoetryresorts Montego Bay
Video: ybCinematic
Kazz Dress: @rohitkverma
Oritsé Suit: @tribeninestudios
Hat: @verablack8
Steel Pan: @rsisteelja
Champagne glasses:
Kazz lengha: @lillysboutiquelondon 🇮🇳🇬🇧
Oritsé African attire:
Bands: @jewelleryparadisetnt
Jewellery: @auroras.collection
Make up: @joni_gourmetmakeup
Hair: @bridalglow__ 🇯🇲
Bouquets: @blu.ivy
Invitations: @createdbygg_
Décor: @tai_flora_luxe
Floral arrangements: @destinatasarimgift

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