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Bestseller 2023: BLOSSOM Ivory with pearls

Blossom Ivory with Pearls - a pair of wedding glasses, resplendent with delicate elegance, shimmer and shine under the soft glow of fairy lights. Each flutes is a stunning masterpiece, adorned with a mosaic of dazzling rhinestones that catch the light and scatter it in a dazzling display of radiance.

The rhinestones are meticulously arranged, creating a captivating pattern that draws the eye in, as if inviting the beholder to embark on a journey of discovery. Combining rhinestones into one composition, they represent a symphony of shades, starting from crystal clear small rhinestones and ending with luxurious large rhinestones, which are wrapped in a rhinestone chain and pearls.

The play of light on the faceted surfaces of the rhinestones creates a mesmerizing dance of reflections, casting a spell of magic and wonder on the glasses. The brilliance of the rhinestones is only matched by the joy and love that fills the air at a wedding celebration, making these flutes a fitting symbol of the eternal bond between two souls.

On the decoration of one pair of personalized glasses, the craftswoman works for about 8 hours, that is, her entire working day. 15 different types of rhinestones, 2 types of rhinestone chain and ceramic Czech pearls with three-layer coating are used to decorate one glass. All the complexity of the work and the secret of the incredible beauty of Blossom lies in the author's design, which has been honed by our craftswomen over 7 years of work.


In addition, Blossom Ivory with Pearls is our bestselling glasses back in 2022 and hold that position in 2023. It was this flutes model chosen for their wedding by fashion-influencer Kelsey Breisinger and personal trainer Jamie Byron, who married year at the Powel Crosley Estate.

The couple's wedding was in the colors of champagne, tan, cream and pearls, so Blossom with pearls perfectly matched the theme of the wedding. When the bride received the parcel with wedding set, she wrote us feedback: "The items arrived and they are STUNNING! I'm so excited, thank you so much again, this gift is so special to me!"

As the couple raises these exquisite flutes in a toast to their love, the rhinestones catch the light, scattering it into a kaleidoscope of colors that mirror the kaleidoscope of emotions experienced on their special day. These wedding glasses, bedecked with rhinestones, are not just functional vessels for sipping champagne, but true works of art that elevate the celebration to new heights of sophistication and splendor.

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